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Try These Projects to Refresh Your Home Now

by Cynthia Vanover 12/01/2021

Does your home need a refresh? If so, making some minor changes can have a significant impact. If you’re thinking about new ways to update your space, here are some ideas for modern home design projects you can DIY:

Revamp With Limewash

If you want something beyond just adding a fresh coat of paint, limewash might be a good option. Limewash is made from crushed limestone and other minerals into a substance that goes on just like paint. The advantage of limewash is that it adds texture and subtle color. Limewashed walls appear somewhat chalky and soft, almost like suede. It can add striking depth to plain, flat-colored walls and freshen an entire space.

You can use limewash inside or outside. Unlike paint, limewash gets absorbed by porous surfaces like plaster, stone and brick. Therefore, these types of surfaces will always get the best results. If you use a mineral-based primer, you can also apply limewash to drywall, too.

Make Your Windows Pop

Window shutters are a classic design element that can change the entire facade of your home. Perfect for breaking up large, empty spaces, window shutters add charm and architectural interest to your exterior. The best thing about them is that you can get the look with no complicated installation: faux window shutters are easy to attach to the walls and look just like their functional counterparts.

If you prefer to add fully functional window shutters, it may be a better job for a contractor. Depending on your level of construction experience and savvy, it can be a more difficult project than attaching the cosmetic shutters. Consider the type of windows and the exterior surfaces of your home when deciding, as these factors will affect the ease and cost of the project.

Stain Your Concrete

If you have concrete flooring outdoors or indoors, consider giving it an upgrade by staining it. Concrete staining is a simple way to add color and enhance the aesthetic of your patio, pathways or indoor surfaces. Stained has a smooth and polished look that works well with modern rustic interior design and industrial styles. There is such a wide variety of colors and finishes available you can find the perfect upgrade for any concrete in your home.

Concrete stain is simple to apply on your own, but you can also hire professionals to help. Consult your local home improvement store or internet tutorials for the best way to improve your concrete.

These home improvement projects can work outside or inside your home. No matter what project you choose, do your research to ensure you make the best decision for your situation and skills.

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